Weightlifter Somehow Manages To Get His Penis Stuck In A Weight

An unnamed man was rushed to the hospital after getting his penis stuck in a hole in weight. Doctors called in firefighters to free his purple and swollen genitals.

It took over three hours using a grinder and vibrating saw to free him from the 2.5kg (5Ib 8oz) weight.

The hospital did not know exactly how the man managed to get his penis stuck on the plate.

Unfortunately, photos of the bizarre mishap emerged and were leaked online.

penis stuck in weight

When weight lifter’s penis was trapped in a weight, he was taken to a hospital in Worms, Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany.

The hospital that treated the man has launched an investigation to find out the photos of the man’s genitals were leaked.

penis stuck in weight

The picture shows the weight after being shattered to remove it from him. The fire brigade, after freeing the man, shared an image of the broken disk, describing it as a ‘curious training accident.’

A spokesman for the fire brigade said: ‘How delicate some of our firefighters can be was shown when we called in support of the hospital. One person had a very sensitive body part wedged in the hole of a 2.5kg dumbbell disc. The dumbbell weight could be removed after three hours with the help of a grinder, a vibration saw, and a hydraulic rescue device.’

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