She Was Stunned When Her Boyfriend Complained Her Nephew Was Attracted To Her

I’ve always been close to my sister and her son, and I was right there with her and her husband when he was born, and there have never been any issues.

Yesterday something weird came up. As always I was over her house for dinner along with my boyfriend. The whole family watched TV together in the den when my nephew came over to play some games with me, which I enjoyed a lot. He wanted me to paint in some mini-figures that his dad had bought for him and being someone who always enjoyed arts and crafts; I loved it.

After that night, my boyfriend said that he’s been looking at nephew closely and he clearly sees a sexual attraction, and I should stop seeing him for the time being for him to forget about me.

Do 5 year-olds even know what sex is? He is my little nephew, and I love spending time with him. We talked about it, and he told me that we should reach a compromise, maybe I shouldn’t play games with him or hug him or whatever and see him less often.

I don’t know where this is coming from. This is a very weird and creepy way of looking at the world in my opinion. Ever since that conversation, I don’t feel good about him at all.

Does he not seem completely unreasonable?

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