This Rescue Piglet And Puppy Have An Adorable Friendship Like No Other

A little piglet has formed an unlikely friendship with the puppy next door after being rescued by a kind family — and she’s even picked up some puppy behavior.

Minipig Piper was found abandoned in the snow and taken in by a family who already owned several pigs.

After some rest and recuperation (and plenty of apples) Piper recovered fully.

But instead of playing with the other pigs in the house, Piper found a firm furry friend in the neighbor’s bulldog puppy.

Maybe it was their matching spots that brought them together?

The adorable pair love to cuddle up for a snooze together and have plenty of playdates.

And playful Piper seems to have picked up some puppy traits from her BFF — like wagging her tail.

She comes running when she’s called for.

And snorts when she wants to jump up on the couch with her humans.

But she’s happiest when she’s curled up beside her nap buddy.


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