Domino’s Driver Notices Customer Hasn’t Order A Pizza In Awhile, Her Call To 911 Saved His Life

When you think of ordering a pizza, I’m sure you’ve never considered that it could one day save your life. Kirk Alexander found out that, with the help of a caring company, it could do just that. Kirk had been ordering a pizza almost every day for nearly a decade. Then, several drivers noted that Kirk had not ordered recently. The manager of the Domino’s branch, Sarah Fuller, checked into his order history and realized 11 days had gone by without a call from Kirk, so she sent a driver to check on him.

The drivers and manager had come to know Kirk as a friendly, reclusive man. His neighbors echoed their sentiments, and related stories of how Kirk was always willing to help those around him. So, it was a bit of a shock when the driver got no response at the door, and Kirk’s cell phone went straight to voice mail.

The driver made a quick decision and called 911. When the police arrived, they could hear Kirk calling for help. Thanks to Domino’s, Kirk got the vital emergency aid he needed. With a caring group of people like these, who are willing to go beyond their duties, we can rest easy knowing our communities have hope for the future.


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