She Hot-Glues Plastic Eggs To Cardboard. After Coating It With Paint, The Results Are Breathtaking.

Mirrors are among the most versatile decorating tools available; with careful placement, they can perform any number of useful functions. “Mirrors bring light and depth into rooms,” said designer Andreea Avram Rusu. “They’re like decorative windows you can move around and place as you like.”

Best of all, mirrors are neutral in style; it’s the frame that is decorative, and DIYers know how to craft frames in any style, from classic to contemporary to country. To illustrate this point, we found two wonderful DIY mirror frame projects: Creatively Living‘s fabulous contemporary “bubble mirror” frame, and a lovely Better Homes and Gardens project that makes a frame of roses from egg cartons!
plastic eggs glue in cardboard
To make this “bubble mirror,” the ladies at Creatively Living found a large piece of cardboard and added 6″ of space around an existing round mirror with black frame. They glued halves of plastic Easter eggs and fake oranges onto the cardboard, and spray-painted the entire thing. Detailed instructions are available at Creatively Living.
plastic eggs glue in cardboard
The only item purchased for the bubble mirror project was the spray paint. Total cost: $5. If you have access to egg cartons and already have a mirror, then the cost of the rose frame from Better Homes and Gardens is even less: $0.
Begin by fashioning the roses from the egg cartons. Each rose requires three egg cups, so make sure you have enough egg cartons to create the look you want. After the flowers are created, you can paint them with spray paint if you like, although the plain gray color can be stunning.
plastic eggs glue in cardboard
Arrange the roses into a configuration that pleases you, making the frame wide or skinny, dense or sparse. The result is a beautiful mirror frame that you didn’t pay a dime for! See complete instructions at Better Homes and Gardens.
plastic eggs glue in cardboard
“Mirrors are like art in that the style should coincide with other pieces in your home,” says designer Amy Bubier in the article. “They are an integral part of design style.” With DIY projects like these, it’s easy and inexpensive to create frames that match your style so you can place a mirror anywhere that a boost of light or dimension is needed.


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