Fluffy Polar Bear Makes An Adorable Sound When Sleeping

Have you ever wondered what polar bears dream about? Maybe they dream of hunting seals in the wild, frozen wastelands, or possibly of wearing warm red scarves and drinking Coca-Cola. While we will probably never know the answer to that question until someone invents a Bear-English extension for Google Translate, one thing we can say definitively at this time is that whatever bear dreams may be, this polar bear sure looks cute as a button as she has some.

This polar bear cub comes from the Columbus Zoo in Ohio and is five weeks old. She weighs a little over four pounds and measures roughly 16 inches long, but that’s sure to change rapidly. The noise that she makes is definitely not something you’d expect out of a bear, but her handlers say that it’s the sound of contentment. At such a young age, her motor skills are still fairly undeveloped, which makes watching her roll around in her sleep all the more adorable.


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