9-Year-Old Girl Enters Police Station, And Multiple Officers Are Called To The Situation…

Recently, there has been a lot of media coverage about  police officers.   The world is changing, and suddenly the violence level towards police officers is heightened more than it ever has been before.

Police stations across the nation are keeping their guard up due to recent events that have occurred. Detroit, is one of the many cities that realizes they need to watch their back.

Detroit’s economy has been going downhill for a while.  Much of their city’s decline is due to the economic recession that happened back in 2008, where their financial status, especially regarding motor vehicle sales and distribution declined. It seems like Detroit’s violence and crime rates have skyrocketed as a result.

To top it off, the war on cops and the racial issues that have been occurring, Black Lives Matter, Police Lives Matter–have been on the rise as well. The crime rate is not helping the race war that has been the focus of the media lately. Detroit is known as a dangerous city, and the police have become a target.

When a nine-year old little girl walked into the police station with people behind her, and reached into her bag for something, you can only imagine how many officers felt. The announcement she made surprised every single officer at the station.

The nine-year-old, Samya McLaughlin, announced to all of the officers that it was her birthday. With her parents standing right behind her, when she reached in her bag and pulled out several handmade lunches she had made for all of the officers. She had birthday plans already, with a cake, and a party, but after seeing everything that was going on, Samya canceled her plans, and headed to the police station instead.

Samya saw the news, the race wars, the war against cops, and started asking questions. Her parents answered them, and gave her a glimpse of what the world can really be like from time to time. When Samya saw all of the negative things happening to police officers, she wanted to do something about it.

Using her own money, she made lunches for the officers that included sandwiches, chips, fruit, and a cookie. She wanted to show the police officers that their lives do matter, and that what they do is very important to the community. Samya didn’t want to spend her birthday without knowing for sure that these police officers knew they were appreciated. Did they sure feel appreciated from her act of kindness.

Later on, Samya told shared:

“I was thinking that I should feed the police officers because I wanted to show them that I support them and I thank them for all that they do. I wanted to show them that all lives matter.”

As if what Samya did wasn’t kind and generous enough, she then stopped by the homeless shelter to pass out 30 more lunches to the homeless. The lunches that Samya made for everyone that day came out of her very own pocket, money she easily could have purchased a toy or something else for herself on her birthday.

Samya’s parents couldn’t be more proud of her. Her father, Sam Walker, said:

“It makes you feel proud. She has a big heart and she knows how to care, and she knows how to appreciate what’s going on.”

It is nice to see that this young little girl did a selfless act to show law enforcement officers that their lives do matter–for in fact they really do.



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