Potato Chips And Melted Marshmallow Combine To Make A Unique Sweet And Salty Treat You Will Crave

We aren’t going to lie – this is definitely NOT a diet-friendly treat. However, let’s face it, there are some days when you really need a sweet treat. Or maybe a salty one. Or both. Yes, both is always good.

When it comes to unique dishes that are truly worthy of those extra calories, there is no one quite like yoyomax12. For the past seven years, the Youtuber has been sharing videos of recipes that look almost too good to eat. Rainbow whoopee pies, Nutella cheesecake, piñata cakes … there have been plenty of times when her videos made us slow down our scrolling to drool. This one is so odd, you really have to see it for yourself. It only takes a few ingredients, things you’ve no doubt had before, but never at the same time.


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