Sexual Predator Attempts To Lure 8-Year-Old Girl Through Popular Smartphone App

There are so many apps available these days, and their users are mostly kids. Parents need to be aware that some of these apps can be dangerous.

Here is a story of a mom from Melbourne, Australia, whose daughter Charlie, a young 8-year-old, was the target of an online sexual predator.

predator lure app

Charlie was playing with a popular app that allows children to record themselves while singing with famous stars. They can also share it with friends. Alicia was monitoring her daughter’s iPad, and after a few alarming messages from a predator, she went to the police.

Alicia explained:

“A notification popped up saying it was from ‘The Real Justin Bieber,’ and I was like ‘Oh, who is that?’”

“The message had Justin Bieber’s photo on the screen, and it looked very real and well done.”

Soon, the messages became perverted.

“The first message said ‘Who wants to win a 5-minute video call with me [Bieber]. The next message said ‘All you need to do is send me a photo of you naked, or of your vagina.”

predator lure app

predator lure app

Disgusting! Fortunately, Alicia recognized the danger right away.  His last message was even worse:

“I knew it was a professional groomer as soon as the final message popped up, because it was really encouraging her to send a photo. It read ‘Lots of girls send me these pics all the time and I will never tell anyone you sent one.’”

predator lure app

She showed everything to the policemen, and they told her it was almost impossible to trace the predator.

Keep in mind that every time your child is online so is the predator.

Common Sense Media shares the next tips in order to help parents to keep their children safe:

1. Don’t give out personal information.

2. Never send pictures to strangers.

3. Keep passwords private.

4. Don’t download anything without permission.

5. Tell a parent or grown-up if you receive strange or mean messages.


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