She Was Trying To Prevent New Boyfriend From Drunk Driving, But He Had Other Ideas…

When I recently got into a new relationship, I had been single for two years. I was finally ready to start fresh with someone new. We met a couple of weeks ago, and everything was going well. That is, until tonight when he wanted to drive my car drunk. I, of course, would not let him, and it started a fight. I decided it was time to leave, but he would not let me leave his bedroom for an over an hour. He manhandled me for my cell phone and keys to use as leverage to get me to stay. He even put his hands on me leaving marks and screamed at me while I walked down the street. “You are crazy!” “Why are you doing this?” “I am doing this (not letting you leave, taking the phone) cause I care about you.” He did not respect me, he did not listen to what I wanted, and quite frankly, I was scared.

I was desperate, hoping someone would stop on the street. That is when you turned the corner and saw me right away. You pulled over, and when you realized the situation, started to record everything. He refused to give me my phone back and was having a tantrum on the sidewalk. When he finally gave up, he slammed the car door into my head and walked off.

Thank you for stopping for me and taking the chance by getting yourself into a sticky situation. Thank you for recording him and for pulling around the corner, stopping, and putting a hand on my shoulder to console me. You let me cry in your front seat. Thank you for getting me home safe. I wish I could do more to thank you, other than profusely thank you on the way home. I hope the universe pays it forward to you in some way.

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