Changing A Simple Screw Could Save Your Life


Mariana Harrison, a realtor with Keller- Williams Realty in Richardson, Texas, likes to share a simple security tip for new homeowners on her Facebook page. It’s a tip that anyone who lives in a home or apartment can easily implement, and it could minimize your chances of being burglarized or robbed.

Harrison says it was her dad who taught her this trick back when she first got her own apartment, and it’s one she’s used ever since.

It involves replacing the short screws that hold the plates on your door frame, the plates that surround the lock entry area. These screws make it all too easy for potential burglars to quickly kick in your door, but replacing them with much longer screws – ideally, four-inch ones – you will greatly minimize their chances of successfully getting into your house. Most would-be thieves will get tired and irritated before the time it takes to kick in a door with the longer screws.

Moreover, burglars generally like to get in and out of your house as quickly as possible. Anything that puts them in a situation where they could be spotted is an excellent deterrent. Chances are once they realize they have an impediment, they will move on to their next victim.

Based on some of the comments her public post has gotten, it’s been a very effective tip indeed. One woman wrote that “this really works, had someone try to kick in our door at 3 am one night, they kicked it seriously hard 3 times and the door didn’t budge at all, then they ran off.”

“It worked because someone tried to break into my living room and they could not get in,” another poster wrote.

For such a simple tip, that’s a lot of peace of mind. You’d have to have a screw loose not to try it!


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