When This Broadway Cast Found Out Prince Died, They Did Something That Will Leave You Speechless

The world is still reacting to the news that legendary musician Prince passed away a few days ago. From sharing their favorite songs on Facebook to slipping on a pair of headphones and listening to his greatest hits alone in their bedroom, everyone is coping with his death in different ways.

When we lose an icon like Prince, the normal routine seems to be put on hold for a bit while we adjust to what the world without this person means. One could write volumes on everything Prince has done for music, fashion, and entertainment, but there’s no greater indication of his legacy than the tributes paid by fellow artists.

On Thursday, the Broadway cast of The Color Purple performed a powerful rendition of “Purple Rain” following their evening show. Oscar and Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson took the stage, along with the rest of the cast, and informed the audience how much Prince meant to each and every one of them. She then invited the audience to join them in singing one of Prince’s most iconic songs. “His music will live on and he will live through his music, so we want to keep him alive today with his song,” said Hudson, before turning things over to Cynthia Erivo. What follows is a truly stirring moment – one in which Prince himself feels alive through the voices of those whose lives he touched.


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