Woman Is Outraged When She Overhears These Two Men Talking

A woman sitting on a bus, and 2 Italian immigrants come sit down in front of her; she overhears one speaking to the other:

Emma come-a first
Then-a I come-a
Then-a the two asses they come-a together
Then-a I come-a again
Then-a the two asses
They come-a together again
Then-a I come-a
Then-a I pee 2 times
Then-a I come-a one last time.

Offended she gets up and scolds the two men,

“You foul-mouthed abhorrent men, in this country we do not speak of such things in public!”

One of the men turn to her and say “What? I’m-a just-a tellin my friend-a how to-a spell-a Mississippi!”


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