Embarrassing Reaction Of Girl When She Was Tested By A Prank

What happens when you meet someone with money?

Do you not care, or do you become instantly impressed and in awe? Most people would say that it wouldn’t effect them or that if anything they may look down on the person for being too materialistic. But what they really would end up doing, or feeling, may be the complete opposite. Well, there’s only one way to find out! Prankster Coby Persin puts this question to the test with this hilarious private jet prank. At the railway station he posted up as a rich businessman, who was en route to get his private jet. He chats up a lady, who initially does not seem interested, but once a private jet is revealed, she suddenly perks up. And despite her having a boyfriend, he actually talks her into taking a ride on the private jet!

She even goes further by phoning her boyfriend on board and canceling their plans, giving him the “too sick” excuse! This gold digger has what is coming to her and Prankster Coby is going to call her out big time.

Check out this epic prank video and see just how strong the power and persuasion of money really is.


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