Mom Brings Her Newborn Son To Class, Then Her Professor Asks To Hold The Baby

The best teachers always make learning fun, but one college professor really went above and beyond to help a young mother enjoy her class.

As Inside Edition recently reported, university math teacher Dr. Josie Ryan told one of her very pregnant students to come back after she delivered the baby. Dr. Ryan said she loved babies, and would be happy to have Sarah Thompson return with her newborn.

So when Sarah gave birth to baby Isaiah, she hesitantly returned to class, unsure if the professor had just been being polite, or if she really meant the kind offer.

But once she arrived, she realized exactly how sincere the teacher was. Because not only did Dr. Ryan welcome Sarah’s new baby, she held the three-week-old tot in her arms while teaching the entire class. Happily for everyone, Isaiah was happy to be in math class as well, and never shed a tear or let out a wail.

And now that the photo of Dr. Ryan rocking the baby as she was teaching has gone viral, a new math whiz may have been born.


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