Power Struggle Between Python And Alligator For Survival

As humans spread out across the globe we also brought with us many plants and animals we didn’t fully understand.

At the time there was no way for us to understand what exactly we were doing to the local environments, it was the age of exploration. Now that we’re in the age of technology we can see just how terribly we managed to screw things up. We’ve got animals in places they have no place in being, and now the unfortunate consequences are showing themselves. The wild boars in Hawaii are destroying the landscape, and Burmese Pythons are fighting with the American Alligators for survival down in the Florida Everglades among many others – and now you can see it in action!

Due to the predatory habits of both the alligator and the python there seems to be somewhat of a power struggle going on, and this fight between the two can give you an idea of what exactly that means.

That python was clearly smarter than it looks, as ins was of going for the gator’s open mouth (as many other species do), it went straight for the snout and held on! It’s crazy that the fight didn’t end up with one of them dying, but if you ask me that snake really won overall. What do you think?


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