Watch While He Changes A Truck Tire In Less Than A Minute

If you ever find yourself in need of a tire change and you don’t have the extra spending money on hand to get it replaced, you could save a few bucks by just doing it yourself!

It may seem like somewhat of a daunting task at first, but it’s really more simple than you’re imagining. The guy in the video below manages to completely change a semi’s tire in less that two minutes, so if you’re able to pick out what he’s doing you could get your car’s tires changed just as quick!

First thing’s first, either use a jack to lift the corresponding corner of the vehicle you’re working on or use a shop to lift the entire car. It’s impossible to change a tire without doing that, believe me, people have tried. Then you’ll need to release the air pressure if it’s already not, and you can get the original tire off after that. Then just follow his actions until your replacement is good to pump up! One, two, three.

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