This Powerful Video About Race, Labels And Humanity Will Make You Think Twice Today

This is just one of the many powerful messages delivered by Prince EA about race, gender, equality, and how society hands us all labels from the moment we are born and the moment we make choices on how to dress, how to speak, and how to live.

The powerful addition to YouTube has racked up more than 6.4 million views and 41,939 likes in just three months. Its most potent images are the ones showing children, particularly two babies clearly ignorant of their skin colors, sharing hugs and space together.

The entire video is shot against a white background, with most of the participants also dressed in white, to further enhance their sameness to one another.

Prince EA, according to his official website, is a “27-year-old poet, activist, speaker, director, and content creator” who has accumulated 300 million views on his Facebook and YouTube platforms.

He lists his mission as: “to allow the grace of God/Universe to work through him creating content that spreads awareness, excites, entertains, and ultimately galvanizes listeners/viewers to recognize the power, peace, and equanimity within themselves. He believes that the only way to change the world is to change the individual.”


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