Racist Man Blamed One Of The Housekeepers For His Stolen Items, Until He Was Told This

There’s a nuclear power plant not far from our location that does biannual maintenance which brings in a massive amount of workers who stay anywhere between a month and a half to three months.

We had a guest scheduled in for a three month stay during this time. Your classic over-the-top religious, Southern bigot.

We have a housekeeper who has worked at this hotel for the past 25+ years of her life. Been here longer than any other employee, knows the place like the back of her hand, and does a damn good job. She also just happens to be what this man racistly refers to as “A colored person”.

We are a relatively small family run hotel, and the owners are Indian. During this time, I was one of only two other employees that weren’t Indian.

Me being a petite white female with blue eyes and long blonde hair that I typically keep in pigtail braids while at work, this man immediately assumes me to be “one of his kind” (his words) and starts coming to me and only me with any assistance he needs.

During the first week, while coming to me during my shift to get fresh towels (because god forbid they be soiled by the hands of colored folk!), he starts making snide comments about the owners. (whom are totally awesome people that I have much respect for). Making remarks such as “their standards of clean just aren’t the same as ours”. “It’s a good thing you’re here, I bet it’s the only reason everything doesn’t smell like curry”. “I feel bad for you, I bet they got one of them heathen god statues back there somewhere”, “I heard the night guy talking on his phone in whatever hibity hoo language they speak and I ’bout hit him upside the head! This is America and we speak American!!”

You know the type….

All this makes my blood boil. But, I remain courteous and professional as always. It was all geared towards hating on the nationality of my bosses until he first sees our senior housekeeper tending his room one morning.

This sets him into a fury. A “woman of color” has entered his room without his permission!. The asshole starts ranting about how he doesn’t want her in his room, and how she was “probably looking for the first thing she could steel”. Then goes onto actually insinuate that she is a drug abuser. (this woman is a fit, healthy as hell 60 year old).

I am great friends with the housekeeper and this gets me angered to the point where I’m almost totally loosing my cool and on the verge of physically slapping this man before i verbally berate him about his racist idiocy.

A couple weeks pass, and one day my maintenance man has to fix the toilet in bigots room. He needed something from our maintenance room to finish the job, and asked the senior housekeeper if she could run and get it for him since she was servicing the room just next door. She comes back with it and took literally one step in the room (as the bathrooms are just aside from the entrance door) to hand it to him when Mr. asshole just happens to enter the hallway.

The guy flips out, asking her repeatedly what she was doing in his room without his permission. My maintenance guy explains the situation and he leaves in a huff.

After this, he apparently felt that he needed to get her fired and ruin her life just so he didn’t have to deal with the inconvenience of her presence during the remainder of his stay.

One day after he’d been gone all day on a 12 hour shift, he comes to me in the evening with a story about how suddenly there is jewelry, medication, and money stolen from his room and he KNOWS “that colored woman” took it while he was gone for the day.

This is what he says: “Now I was just about to call the police, file a report, and have her arrested, but, I know that having a police incident happening at your property like that doesn’t look good on you folk, and can be bad for business. I’m willing to hold off on doing it as long as she is fired immediately”.

I’ve had it with this man at this point. Fuming, I put on my most sincere sad face and make up a story about how she actually had not worked that day, and the person working had actually been a new hire on her first day.

A young (white specifically…you know “his kind”) single mother who just moved into the area and was recommended this job by our local Christian church.

Looking forlorn, I tell him how she seemed so sweet and innocent and how I’d never have suspected her of ever doing something like that. Profusely apologized. And told him I understand what needs to be done and we’d terminate her position immediately.

The look on his face was priceless!

He looks shocked and totally taken off guard and stammers “Well…..now now, let’s just back up a second. I think I better take another look over of my room before we finalize anything.”

I respond “Certainly Sir, do what you need to do, I understand you might want to double check everything in case any additional items might be missing as well, and I’ll start with the termination paperwork in the mean time.”

He comes back about a half an hour later with a smile on his face and says something along the lines of “Well ain’t I got a silly story for you!” He then goes onto to say that he “forgot he left his rings with his wife back at home, must have miscounted his money because it’s all there now, and just remembered that he had his extra prescription bottle in his other suitcase” All while doing this obviously fake laughing the whole time about “how silly it is”

I just can’t believe that there are people out there who would think absolutely nothing of totally ruining someones life like that, just so they didn’t have to be around them for another couple weeks.


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