14-Year-Old Gives Birth To Baby Boy And 28 Years Later She Welcomes 20th Child With Same Man

Most teen relationships don’t last. When something like pregnancy gets added to the mix, it often leads to the couple splitting up.

Of course, there are always people who defy the odds. Noel and Sue Radford are some of these people.

Sue and Noel grew up near each other in the UK, and they became close friends. In their early teen years, they started a relationship and, at only 13, Sue became pregnant.

Noel, who was 18 at the time, stuck by his girlfriend’s side, and when Sue was 14, she gave birth to their first son, Christopher. Three years after he was born, the happy couple tied the knot, purchased a house, and continued growing their family.

Now, 28 years after Noel and Sue had their first baby, their family is still expanding. In fact, they recently welcomed their 20th child!

Noel and Sue had 11 boys (unfortunately, one was stillborn) and nine girls.

In order, the children’s names are: Christopher (28), Sophie (24), Chloe (22), Jack (20), Daniel (18), Luke (17), Millie (16), Katie (15), James (14), Ellie (12), Aimee (11), Joshua (10), Max (9), Tillie (7), Oscar (6), Casper (5), Alfie (stillborn), Hallie (2), Phoebe (1), and Archie (3 months).

If Noel and Sue didn’t have their hands full enough, they also own and run a bakery and are the doting grandparents of three lovely kids. Their oldest daughter, Sophie, is married to a man named Joe Broadley, and together they have three children: Daisy (5), April (3), and Leo (2).

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