His Parents Abandoned Him As A Newborn, But What He Does For These Kids Is Inspirational

Childhood years are supposed to be the magical years, but let us suppose your parents reject you at birth because they think you are “too ugly” to be a part of their lives. You would feel sad. Wouldn’t you? This is a true life story of someone who was rejected at birth, but stayed positive.

Jono Lancaster, now 33, has Treacher Collins syndrome —a genetic disorder that affects the facial bones development while in the mother’s womb—there are no cheekbones, so the eyes droop down. Apart from hearing and eating issues, Treacher Collins syndrome sufferers exhibit normal intelligence and develop normally.

Lancaster was abandoned by his parents 36 hours after his birth. He was left at the Social Welfare. Then a wonderful woman named Jean Lancaster adopted Jono and raised him.

This is his story.

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