Parents Think Of A Clever Solution To Reclaim Family Dinners

Here’s something for the dinner table that’s sure to have parents salivating just a little. As part of a campaign to bring back the institution of “dinner time” – time that a family spends talking and bonding, along with eating – Australian food company Dolmio came up with this unique pepper shaker.

The shaker helps parents shut down all screens (TV, phone, tablet, etc.) and gets everyone to the table. The device’s function may remind you of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), which shuts down all electronics in a nearby radius. While it uses some similar mechanisms, this device is not as disruptive as an EMP would be and allows the tech to resume normal function after a short period of inactivity.

But a short period without the distractions of cell phones and TV is all it takes to remind families to focus on each other. You’d be surprised how quickly engaging conversation resumes when we’re left without the technology we rely on so heavily. Of course, you don’t need a fancy pepper shaker to help you bring back “dinner time.” Tonight, make an effort to shut down your phone for 30 minutes and enjoy the company of those around you.


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