Wildlife Rescue Team Saves A Baby Fox Who Was Trapped In Drain Pipe

When this tiny little fox found his way deep into a drain pipe, it was up to the heroic efforts of the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS) to free him! 


Residents of Cooden Beach, England first noticed a panicked momma fox pacing outside of a nearby home – which they figured was strange since foxes are naturally timid animals! After a little investigating, they discovered that one of her cubs had fallen into a drain and was completely stuck. So they called on WRAS to help the young fox out of the pipe!

Soon the rescue workers were on the scene and they worked from both ends of the pipe to free the terrified pup. With careful maneuvering and gentle pushes, they were finally able to scoot him to where he could back up with ease. The skilled rescue is something that will get your blood pumping, but the reunion between mother and baby will definitely bring tears to your eyes!


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