Grand Lip Sync Performed By Retirement Community Is Truly Remarkable

When it comes time to retire, we all have different ideas of how we’d like our futures to look. Some of us would love to move somewhere warm. We’d spend our days with our feet in the sand and a cold drink in our hand. Others would prefer to move to the mountains. We’d take to waking up with beautiful views and brisk morning air. Maybe you’d travel, write, sail, or drive cross-country in an RV. The fact is, most of us don’t want to retire from life, so, maybe we’ll just call it getting “retread”, and hit the road!

Whatever your dream for your future, you’ll want it to be enjoyable. Good friends and good music will likely be essential. And who knows, maybe technology will bring greater joys to your newly acquired free-time. That’s exactly what we learn from this fun bunch of folks at the Clark Retirement Community.

This creative group teamed up with the Grand Valley State University film and production department to create a lively version of Michael BublĂ©’s “Feeling Good.” As you watch it, you can’t help but smile, and possibly even wish you were there taking part.

Whatever you take away from this fun piece, remember this one thing our video friends have to pass on: love life, and let the world know it! And don’t forget to watch to the end for a final surprise.


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