Woman’s Co-Worker Deviously Tried To Get Her Mother-In-Law Fired

I work as a free sampler, so I make food and serve it and explain the product details to potential buyers. The items to which I’m assigned I tend to sell out. This will be important for the revenge. At my work we have a few important rules: your name tag has to be visible, you get one half-hour break (unpaid), and if you are going to bring food home you have to put it away in the office.

I have a coworker that even the boss cannot stand. She is never friendly toward the customers, constantly grimacing at people. She wears her name tag flipped backward so that people do not report her by name (she told me this months ago.) She takes an extended break every day, always an hour, and at least 4 bathroom breaks per day of close to ten minutes. Let’s call her Grimace.

Yesterday, she got personal. I got my boyfriend’s mom a job where I work because the money is good. While she isn’t my mother-in-law yet, she will be known as mother-in-law here. Remember that “you have to put it away in the office” rule? She tricked mother-in-law into packing things away outside the office in front of the cameras, trying to get her in trouble it would seem. “Oh don’t let Shift Lead see you take things home. She hates that, and she tells the manager everything.” This leads takes food home more than anyone and doesn’t care if people do. Grimace knows this. mother-in-law, being new, doesn’t.

Grimace has a serious disdain for me because I’m really proud of my work. I’m good at the job and am never ashamed to show actual happiness because it’s good work. She seems to think I’m annoying and an overachiever for this. Understandable. However, she didn’t know until yesterday that my mother-in-law and I were even connected. After she found that out is when the food thing happened.

So now every time Grimace is stationed near me, I give the best happy performance at my job ever. I get a lot of compliments on how nice I am and how my energy never seems to fade. It doesn’t because I love my work. I now just put on a show, glancing at her every time I make a sale while she sits at her cart glaring at everything that walks by. I’m selling the store out of items left and right. My goal is to make her look as awful as I can. A couple customers have asked me for her name because they want to report her for being genuinely mean. Can’t read her name tag, so I give them her name and directions on where to find my boss. Customer service is fun.

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