Father Ran In Over A Thousand Races While Pushing His Quadriplegic Son In Wheelchair

In 1977, Rick Hoyt told his dad that he wanted to participate in a 5-mile benefit run for a lacrosse player who had been paralyzed in an accident.

Now, Rick himself was a quadriplegic with cerebral palsy, but his dad, Dick, wasn’t about to let that stop him. So he pushed Rick in his wheelchair the entire way, coming in next to last.

Since then, the two have participated in more than a thousand races, including marathons, duathlons, and triathlons.

They also ran and biked across the U.S., covering 3,735 miles in 45 days.

And after all of that, Rick says his biggest wish is this: “The thing I’d most like is for my dad to sit in the chair and I would push him for once.”

Well, that’s one wish I think we could all get behind on.

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