Robert Downey Jr. Performs A Duet With Sting That Might Surprise You

How do you celebrate a famous rock star pal’s birthday? By serenading him, of course. That’s what Robert Downey Jr. did at Sting’s 60th birthday party in 2011, taking on The Police’s hit, “Driven to Tears,” in an an uncanny resemblance to the original. The former Police frontman’s celebration took place at New York’s Beacon Theater.

It’s not the “Iron Man” star’s first performance with the legendary singer. The two performed Sting’s hit “Every Breath You Take,” together on the TV show “Ally McBeal.” Singer Vonda Shepard, who appeared with Downey Jr. on the series, “I think that it was through Robert and Sting’s friendship that it happened. I know that they’re good friends.”

In 2014, the actor was working on his own pop music album, with a source crediting much of the inspiration in his friendship with Sting. “Those two (Sting and Downey, Jr.) go way back, and you couldn’t ask for a better musical mentor than Sting,” the unnamed source told the publication. “It’s clear Robert is talented, and he’s been writing music for as long as he can remember.” The actor did release a 2004 album titled, “The Futurist.”

Think this 80s flashback performance proves the actor should take another turn at recording? Pass this classic around, because seeing – and hearing – really is believing on this one.


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