Look Very Closely As He Cuts A Hole In A Potato And Inserts A Stick…

Roses don’t just look nice, they also smell amazing !  Growing them seems complicated, but you don’t need to be an expert gardener to do it. All you have to know is  this simple trick!

With a simple bouquet from a grocery store and a few old potatoes, you can transform your backyard into the rose garden of your dreams!

First, dig a 6-12 inch row in a partially shaded area. Line the base of it with sand to hold the moisture.

plant roses in potatoes1

Next, gather your rose stems from a garden or a bouquet.

plant roses in potatoes2

Prepare them by removing the leaves and the thorns on the lower third of the stem.

plant roses in potatoes3

And now, the ultimate trick! Drill holes in some potatoes and stick a stem in each one.

plant roses in potatoes4

The potatoes serve as both food and a water supply to the cuttings as they grow. Place each potato in the prepared row with about 6 inches between each one.

plant roses in potatoes5

Then cover them in fresh soil until only a couple of inches are visible. Press the earth down firmly around it.

plant roses in potatoes6

In just weeks you’ll have beautiful, healthy roses!

plant roses in potatoes7


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