Customer Tried To Assault A Waitress When Security Stopped Him In His Tracks

I work at a local restaurant and bar and sometimes the manager has me throw on a security shirt when it gets crowded. Usually, it’s boring and uneventful, but there was one night when I thoroughly enjoyed it. A guy at the bar started making passes at one of our attractive servers. This is not unusual, but when she didn’t jump into his lap, the guy got bitter and started verbally harassing her. At this point, we were ready to kick him out and were getting permission from the manager when he really crossed the line. When she walked by next, he grabbed her with both arms, dragged her into his lap, and tried to kiss her. The three of us waiting for permission to kick him out immediately grabbed him and freed the server. The guy then said, “What? Any girl who works that job is a whore anyway,” and picked up his drink like nothing had happened.

My co-worker jerked the high stool out from under him, sending him to the floor with his drink all over his face and chest. We then all three grabbed him by both arms and legs, carried him to the door and pitched him seven feet to the sidewalk. As he came back to yell at us, my manager walked out with his credit card and tab. In response to his complaints, my manager said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, it looks like you’re drunk and fell down. Now here’s your bill and you should probably leave a tip for that server to keep from falling down again.”

Cheers from the locals when we re-entered the bar.

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