Rude Woman Threw Banana Peels At Cashier And Refused To Pay

There’s a lady who will come into our store, usually around noon with four (annoying and loud) misbehaving children. Of course, she’s completely oblivious to all of this. She would pack all of them into the cart, pick out some sort of produce (apples, bananas, oranges, etc.) and give it to them to “hold” and the kids would eat all of it. Then she would come up to the register and give me the whole, “Oops, sorry. I didn’t even see that they did that!” I would call my manager and basically ask “What am I supposed to weigh?” and usually they would either get the same amount of whatever produce and she would complain that she’d “not gotten that much!” or “mine was WAY smaller!” So my manager would just wave it off and let it go.

Today, she didn’t get away with it because my manager and I were in a bad mood.

I was QUIETLY working at my register when I heard the parade of obnoxious children run into the store with the lady on her phone completely ignoring them. Shocker! She piled all of them into the cart and headed straight for the produce. I continued working at my register and lost track of her until she came up to my register. She huffed and puffed at the little old lady in front of her writing a check while all of her children were screaming in her cart. She’s still on the phone, and I hear the Rude Lady (RL) talking semi-quietly on her phone.

RL: “Yeah, I’ll be home soon, there’s a slow hag in front of me.”

Thankfully, the little old lady (Who is literally maybe the nicest person I’ve ever met) doesn’t hear that well, so she’d missed RL’s comment. After hearing that, I purposefully take my damn sweet time processing her check and asking her how her grandchildren are doing. I finish bagging her groceries and set them in her cart. As she’s pulling away, RL decides she’s not going fast enough and ACTUALLY PUSHES HER OUT OF THE WAY WITH HER CART. When the little old lady turns to look at her, she smiles smugly.

RL: “Sorry.”

The little old lady frowns and walks away. Now the real fun begins. Before she says anything, I notice that each child has banana peels in their laps and the youngest has banana all over their face. There’s even a peel inside RL’s purse.

RL: “My kids ate these. Here.”

She proceeds to grab and dump all of the peels on to my register and starts to leave.

Me: “Ma’am, I need some sort of payment, you can’t just leave after eating all of these.”

RL turns and glares at me. She backs up a little.

RL: “Just weigh the peels or something, I don’t have time for this!”

I glare back at her.

Me: “Even if I were allowed to do that, I’d need ALL of the peels.”

I gesture to the one in her purse (gross). She throws it at me.

RL: “Here’s your peel. Now weigh them!”

Her face is getting angrier by the minute.

Me: “I’ll have to call for a manager.”

That’s when I notice the ‘Organic’ sticker on all of the peels, which means it will be more expensive. $1.29 /lb in fact. She slams her hand on my register as I’m about to call.

RL: “This is ridiculous!! Just weigh my hand or something!!!”

As she’s pressing her hand down, she’s also squeezing the peels as hard as she can, making a huge mess of peel and banana mush. I’ve had it.


The Manager thankfully was not far and came rushing up.

M: “What can I do for you?“

He sees it’s this particular lady and the mess on my register. Before he can open his mouth again, she wails at him.

RL: “Your cashier has been so RUDE to my family and me! All we want to do is pay for our bananas and GO! She’s being incredibly difficult and even made this disgusting mess!”

I’m fuming at this point, and my manager is getting a little ticked off knowing this lady is a liar because I would never do something this childish.

RL: “What are you going to DO about THIS for us???!!??”

I turn to my manager.

Me: “Her and her children ate an entire bunch of bananas, tried to leave without paying and when I called her out on it, she told me to weigh her hand and squished these peels.”

The manager nodded.

M: “Go ahead and weigh her hand. Whatever it comes out to, she can pay that. Then, she’s no longer welcome in our store.”

Of course, she’s shocked and stammering trying to claim that I lied about the entire story and it was nothing like that. Obviously, my manager was having none of it and told her to put her banana covered hand back on the scale. She did and pressed as hard as she could. Well, she was not too smart and forgot how scales work. She’d pressed it down, and it came up to about 30 lbs.

Me: “And your total is going to be $38.54. Will you be using cash or card?”

She was completely outraged and started yelling at my manager and I calling us crooks (ironic) and that she’d never pay something so ridiculous. My manager threatened to call the police and report her for theft if she didn’t. She screamed some more and threw two $20’s at me. I gave her the change which she snatched out of my hand and continued to scream and curse down the exit and out the door.

Me: “Thank you for shopping, have a nice day!”

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