Every Young Father Should Know These 36 Crucial Rules

A new baby turns the household upside down. Everybody in the family, including the father, experiences changes. Although the baby is little, they bring a lot with them — emotionally and organizationally. All your diligence and care will pay off, especially if you learn from other, more experienced fathers.

One first-time dad, Aleksei Kuteinikov, shared his 36 essential rules for young fathers on the internet, and we here at Bright Side thought we’d share them with you.

1. You no longer have set plans. All your plans might or might not happen.

2. Forget about everything you learned about education. You have to be strict, you can’t let your child take over.After four hours of screaming, you will give in, and do anything for your child to calm down.

3. Eight hours of sleep is an unattainable dream for a parent.

4. A couple with a baby don’t get much sleep — or sex.

5. Learn to filter out advice. You have never gotten so many instructions on how to do something.

6. Doctors will have different opinions on how to treat your child. You’re not going to agree with all of it, and you’re not obligated to carry out their instructions to the letter.

7. People grow up not because of, but in spite of things.

8. You child doesn’t care whether you cleaned the house or not.

9. You also won’t care soon enough.

10. You don’t have to buy toys. A pair of old shoes will interest your child much more than a bright plastic puppy or a colourful soft toy.

11. Everything that is not hidden will be picked up and eaten.

12. You’re right — your child really is the smartest and the cutest child in the world.

13. You will post a huge amount of your child’s pictures on Instagram. Just let it happen.

14. You will learn that work is pretty relaxing in comparison.

15. Think about your partner. She spends 24/7 in this atmosphere. She most likely doesn’t have the luxury of relaxing at work.

16. Let your partner go out with friends, or just enjoy some solitude. Sometimes she needs to get out of the routine, too.

17. You can pretend like you’re sleeping so your partner will wake up and take care of the baby — but not all the time.

18. When you see parents of twins, come up to them and hug them. It’s so much more difficult for them.

19. I mean, really — every time you feel down and upset, think of parents who have twins. They got it worse.

20. Don’t forget to thank your mom.

21. You will begin to understand your own parents once you have a child.

22. You can easily become a skillful thief after you succeed in cutting your child’s nails. You have enough patience and precision.

23. Learn what your child’s needs are. What exactly do they want? Do they want to sleep, to eat, or is the baby simply feeling a bit bloated after eating and needs to burp? This will save you a lot of time.

24. Forget the idea of «I’ll put her to bed quickly, and then I’ll go back to what I was doing». Most likely, you will spend about half an hour waiting for your baby to fall asleep.

25. White noise makes it easy to fall asleep. No, really.

26. Don’t be surprised if you begin to shake a shopping cart while in a grocery store.

27. You can fall asleep faster by shaking a leg.

28. Your cool car will never be the same. Wet wipes, toys, diapers… From now on these items belong in the car.

29. If somebody told you that you will have a «happy» life after your child is born, don’t smirk. You really will have a happy life. It’s just that you will feel that happiness only in about two months when all your resources are exhausted.

30. Even if you’re over 40, you’re still a young father. Children stop us from getting old.

31. Learn to be as open and genuine as a child.

32. Kids are cute in the morning so their parents wouldn’t go crazy after sleepless nights.

33. No matter how cool and attentive a father you are, initially their mother will be the most important person to your child.

34. You will worry about your child a lot, especially when it comes to health issues. Just get used to it.

35. Write down cute stories about your baby at least twice a week. Although photos and videos are great, written memories are a little more special.

36. First, feed your child, and only then dress them in smart clothes. Never the other way round!

PS: Love your children, with all your heart, every day.


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