Romania’s Once Abandoned “Salina Turda” Salt Mine Has Been Transformed Into An Amusement Park

A secret is buried in Romania. For many years, decommissioned salt mines have been left abandoned, that was until a few creative people climbed down 400 feet into one of the mines and all they saw was potential.

Romania’s Salina Turda salt mine was once a great economic force, continuously producing table salt from the Middle Ages right up until 1932.

Abandoned salt mine1

The mine is no longer active, but thanks to some imaginative investors, you can still visit the site.

Abandoned salt mine2

It’s been transformed into an amusement park, complete with an underground lake where you can kayak.

Abandoned salt mine3

The experience is kind of like discovering an alien civilization buried below the surface.

Abandoned salt mine4

If kayaking’s not for you, there’s always ping pong…

Abandoned salt mine5

The park is even home to a full-size Ferris wheel!

Abandoned salt mine6

If that wasn’t enough, the park is also supposed to have lingering health benefits from the excess salt in the air.

Abandoned salt mine7


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