Trending ‘Salt And Ice Burn Challenge’ Is Just As Painfully Unsafe As It Is Stupid

There’s a new internet challenge that is so out of hand, it’s sending kids to the hospital.  It’s called the “salt and ice burn” challenge.  Today, kids, teens, and young adults have revitalized salt and ice burns.

They pour a bit of salt on their hand or arm, place ice on the area, and then see just how long they can handle it.

The result looks something like this. And yes, it stays like that for quite some time.

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Salt and ice burns are painful and stupid, but that’s not the worst thing about them.

In some cases, kids have been sent to the hospital with severe third-degree burns.

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Literally, third-degree burns! Really?  Where’s the fun in that?

When salt and ice burns become infected, they can even lead to sepsis, which can cause permanent damage to skin, tissue, and organs. If left untreated, the risk of death from sepsis is as high as 30 percent.

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Before you decide to take part in the salt and ice challenge, consider if it is really worth a permanent scar or a trip to the hospital?

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Educate your kids. Make sure they know the dangers associated with these dumb burns.

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