A Delicious 2-Ingredient Typical Fudge Topped With Salted Caramel

What if someone told you that with just two simple ingredients, you could have delicious homemade fudge in just an hour? What if they told you that you could also top that off with some salted caramel? I don’t know about you but my reaction would pretty much be “You had me at hello.”

Lovebites is a YouTube channel run by professionally trained chef Cassandre, and is dedicated to bite sized desserts that are perfect for any occasion. In this installment, she shows how to make a delicious, creamy chocolate fudge using just chocolate chips and a can of condensed milk, which she slowly melts/mixes together before popping into a lined tin to cool and set. Afterwards, you can top it off with some caramel sauce (store bought is fine too, but Cassandre has her own recipe in a related video) for a truly decadent delight.


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