Parents Are Outraged After Two Young Girls Were Handcuffed And Blindfolded By Teacher As Punishment

After two grade school students had been caught ripping paper in class, they were blindfolded and handcuffed by teachers.

The five-year-old students were tied up and humiliated in front of their scared classmates. The teachers put paper over their eyes and blue tape over that to keep the paper in place.

When a fellow teacher saw the two bound girls, she took photos.  She was absolutely appalled by what she witnessed. The teacher then sent the photos to the students’ parents.

The school’s headmaster, in Surin, Thailand, responded to the leaked photos. He chose to defend the actions of the teachers, saying that it was an effective way to teach those two girls how to concentrate.

Parents were angry, and one father contacted the police and demanded that the two teachers pay the two girls a total of $1,000.

The father said, “The teacher who gave me the pictures told me that the other teachers had punished my daughter and friend by strapping their hands together then he blindfolded them.

“We think that another girl was hit but we don’t have a picture of this. The children were just playing with the paper, and they ripped it. The teachers said they had done something wrong and punished them like this.

“They said “close your eyes, ” and then they put white paper and blue Scotch tape to cover their eyes. Then another layer and bound their hands together.

“The teacher who found them said the girls were crying, trembling and sobbing terribly. I fear that I will have to send to the police. The teachers threatened them, and both were frightened and did not know what else to do.”

A meeting was held with the headmaster, the parents, the two female teachers, and the local police.  The teachers had agreed to pay $500 compensation to each girl.

The girls have now transferred to other schools, while the investigation is still ongoing.



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