While She Was Shopping, An Overzealous Security Guard Towed Her Car

My local grocery store has a three-level subterranean parking structure. There are signs everywhere reminding employees that they must park on the third (lowest) level.

I usually park on the second floor down because there are more spots open closer to the elevator.

They rotate a security guard to act as a parking attendant and wander around the parking structure. Today it was someone I didn’t recognize.

I park my car on the second level like I always do, I get out and am immediately scolded, “EMPLOYEES THIRD FLOOR!”

Somehow this guy got it in his head that I worked at the grocery store. I wasn’t wearing anything remotely close to the all-black uniform.

I tried to explain, but he wasn’t having it. He said I’ll be towed out of the garage if I didn’t move immediately. I told him he’d probably regret that.

Sure enough, when I return from doing my shopping, my car is gone. Knowing exactly what happened, I go back into the store and quietly ask for a manager as I think ‘My car may have been stolen.’

While my groceries are melting, they bring in the building manager, and he asks if I’ve called the police. I ask to see if there’s anything on tape just to be sure before we get authorities involved. He agrees, and sure enough, we watch the guard call in a tow truck.

Building manager lets out an “Oh s**t” and calls the store’s head manager. The head manager comes in, and the three of us watch the tape again. Head manager apologizes profusely and tells me he will make this right.

Guard is called in and asked to explain himself. He couldn’t articulate why he thought I was an employee and STARTED CRYING. He is fired on the spot.

The manager personally drives me to the impound lot and pays to get my car out. He asks me to meet him back at the store as he wants to make everything right.

We get back, and he refunds my purchase while letting me keep the stuff I had in my cart, and I got to replace whatever had thawed or melted. After more apologies and thanks for my patience, I’m given a credit voucher for $300 for my “time and trouble.”


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