Bachelor Party Gets Started Slightly Early When Man Gets It On With Stranger On Plane

We all know the concept of “one last time” before getting married: both bachelors and bachelorettes are allowed to go a little bit beyond what’s normally acceptable in the name of a final bit of fun before the seriousness of married life.

shaun edmonson sex on plane

But one man on his way from Manchester in the UK to the Spanish island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean may have taken the concept of “getting his groove on” a little too far, when fellow passengers on his Ryanair flight got phone cam video of the guy seeming to gyrate in a Mile-High Club sort of way in plain view of, well, everyone.

Making it even worse, he’d left his fiancée, who was six months pregnant, back at home.

We’ve heard so many bizarre air travel news stories of late, from a man who cried while being dragged against his will off a plane to out-and-out fist fights. But even among those crazy tales, strangers going at it with no compunction whatsoever right in front of other passengers is a whole new level of chutzpah.

“You could see the girl taking off her pants and he pulled his trousers off. She started riding him. I had to get my phone out. I have never seen anything like that,” said one stupefied fellow flier who witnessed the whole she-bang, so to speak.

Perhaps indicating that father and son share the same set of unusual standards of social acceptability, the unnamed man’s stepfather told media after the crazy video went viral that “I haven’t a clue whether he’s in trouble over it or not.”

We have a bit more of a clue.

Needless to say, not all passengers, especially those with children, were amused by the bizarre behavior, and plenty of complaints were lodged with Ryanair after flight personnel reportedly did nothing to break the duo up during the flight.

And although the official Ryanair response was the usual “We will not tolerate unruly, disruptive or inappropriate behavior at any time,” reality would indicate otherwise.

After a flight to Ibiza like that, we can only go wide-eyed wondering what happened when the boys in the bachelor posse finally hit land.


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