Steel Door Has Something Amazing Behind It…

Some people put more thought and effort into preparing for the apocalypse than they do into their daily lives. Shows like Doomsday Preppers highlight the extreme side of these individuals and make us wonder whether or not all that preparation is for nothing. That isn’t to say that bomb shelters don’t serve an important purpose, but if you’re spending more money on your shelter than your actual home … you might want to re-think your priorities. This shelter in Germany is the height of luxury when it comes to underground bunkers. After seeing what the inside looks like, I can’t imagine how big their actual home is.

Nothing seems out of the ordinary at first glance. Some thick concrete walls and a big metal door are pretty standard, right?
shelter door pure luxury 1

The first thing you’ll see when you get inside in a control that monitors the entire bunker and transmits a radio signal to the outside world. Pretty high-tech.
shelter door pure luxury 2

Next, it has a room filled with different types of seeds. In case residents need to stay for longer than anticipated, these seeds and equipment will allow them to grow enough food to survive indefinitely.
shelter door pure luxury 3

This hulking machine is the air filtration system. It is in charge of recycling the old air and bringing in fresh oxygen.
shelter door pure luxury 4

You can’t afford to skip a workout while underground. Also, they’ve installed a wall of kennels so that friends and family can bring their pets along with them.
shelter door pure luxury 5

Here’s where things get very fancy very quickly.
shelter door pure luxury 6

Look at this living space. Those tables could easily fit over 20 people.
shelter door pure luxury 7

Two fridges, two freezers, two ovens, two microwaves and two dishwashers. They could cook for an army.
shelter door pure luxury 8

Plenty of towels and bathroom space to make sure everyone stays fresh.
shelter door pure luxury 9

I wonder how many beds they have.
shelter door pure luxury 10

A fully equipped home theater? In your bunker? These people will never be bored.
shelter door pure luxury 11

I bet this isn’t even their master bedroom. This is probably the shabbiest guest bedroom in the entire place.
shelter door pure luxury 12

Wait, what? Where did this second living room come from? How many people are they planning on having down there? One of those chairs costs more than my house.
shelter door pure luxury 13

I give up. How do they have a window underground? Is that a hologram on the other side? Can we become best friends with these people?
shelter door pure luxury 14


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