Strangers Started Berating Him For Being A Wiseguy. His Comeback Is Hilarious

So. let’s start out. I am at the store and am pretty young. There are two trashy guys, smelly and wearing sleeveless shirts with tattoos all over them in their 40s and I saw them stealing gum from the side racks. Whatever. I let that go.

I get a call from a friend about his PC; it’s overheating. We knew this would happen because we were doing a little experiment with his old PC. Anyways, the whole call, I keep my voice to a low so that people around aren’t disturbed, and I used all sorts of technical language which I assume non-tech people don’t know. The call is between myself and my friend right? No, it turns out.

The first trashy dude starts talking me. He goes to his buddy loudly: “Smartass on the phone…”

So I let that go.

Then as I go on talking about reducing fan speed etc., he goes In a mocking tone:”Yeah man reduce that fan speed hahaha, ” and it just kept on going for 3 minutes.

I finish my call, and they try to chat me up, asking me who I was talking to, I said a friend. He said, “You think you looking good talking like that bud?”

And then I saw the loss prevention dude walking by. That’s my old neighbor, and we knew each other well.

I blurted out: “You think you look all that stealing gum buddy?” Their faces turned red.

Sure enough, the loss prevention guy comes, he talks to us and they almost tried flinging a punch to me. Idiots, Because as he was trying that, the pack of gum and some small bits fell out of his pocket with the price tag of the store still attached. The loss prevention guy takes him on the side, they do a lot of talking, and for my inner drama queen, I sat on the table right there for a restaurant, while they discussed all that.

In the end, both of them got arrested and turns out they had some people’s IDs and bank cards on them too. It was a lot of them. The RCMP took them away, and I stared them down as I walked back to my car.

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