College Students Quickly Learned Not To Park In A Reserved Parking Spot

Growing up my parents lived in a townhouse. We lived on the end of a set of 5 houses and the middle house was a good friend who also happened to be a cop.

The house next to us was a renter, normally the renters were college kids, not too noisy or rude, just did their thing, so it wasn’t a bad deal. Well, one year we get these 4-5 kids staying in a two bedroom house, and all of them had a car.

So whenever it snowed, my dad and I would go out and shovel out 2 spots for our family’s cars, and 1 spot for the cop neighbor for his police cruiser as he worked nights and we didn’t want him to have to shovel when he got back home at 5 in the morning. So we finished shoveling and not 10 minutes later, all 3 spots we shoveled are parked in by the college neighbors. My dad and I, rightfully pissed off, knock on the door to tell them to move and of course, they don’t answer. So, of course, we spent the next 3 hours shoveling every bit of snow from the yard, the road, the driveways, ever flake we could find, right onto their cars.

The only thing you could see at the end was mounds of snow. No evidence of a car whatsoever. The next morning when I woke up, I peeked outside to find all 4 college neighbors trying to dig out their buried cars with just their hands, as they were trying to leave class. After that, they bought shovels and didn’t take a spot they didn’t shovel.


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