The Way Technology Reunites These Siblings After Being Apart For 65 Years Is Beyond Impressive

A young boy’s search on his mother’s Facebook account concluded 65 years of heartache for a brother and sister separated since their childhood.  When 7-year-old Eddie Hanzelin learned the family’s lonely tenant, Clifford Boyson of Davenport, Iowa, had unsuccessfully searched for his sister,  he took to his mother’s social media account.

“Clifford did not have any family, and family’s important,” the boy said.  His search concluded in a tearful 2013 reunion.  Boyson reunited with his sister Betty Billadeau of Florissant, Mo., after the boy’s search. At that time, Boyson joyfully realized he had an extended family, including a niece and great-niece.

“He didn’t have any women in his life,” Boyson’s niece Sarah Billadeau said. “We’re going to get that straightened out real fast.”

Boyson and Billadeau last saw each other as children before being sent off to separate foster homes. Both of the siblings tried without success to find each other.

“I want to meet the whole congregation,” Boyson said at the time of the reunion. “I never knew I had a big family.”

Boyson and Billadeau rewarded the young sleuth with $125 for his digital detective work.


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