30 Amazingly Simple Home Improvement Ideas That Will Spice Up Your Home

21. Murphy beds save more space than bunk beds, and they’re much more aesthetically pleasing.simple home improvements 21

22. Separate your child’s room with fun, colorful little tunnelssimple home improvements 22

23. Keep pantry items like spices in slide-out drawerssimple home improvements 23

24. Add a multi-hose head to your shower to make clean time extra fun.simple home improvements 24

25. Install outlets underneath cabinets to avoid ruining your backsplash.simple home improvements 25

26. Recessed Outletssimple home improvements 26

27. If your home’s foundation is boring, don’t be afraid to decorate it!simple home improvements 27

28. You don’t need to buy expensive appliances to make them look high-end. Just use stainless steel contact paper.simple home improvements 28

29. Adding a small door to your garage that’s connected to the kitchen can make it easier to bring in groceries.simple home improvements 29

30. If you’re concerned about germs, use different toilet seat tabs for each person in the house.simple home improvements 30


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