He Was Stunned When He Suddenly Found Out He Was Going To Be A Father…

I got a phone call saying that a girl that I had been with was in labor and she said she suspected I was the dad. I don’t know why she didn’t ever contact me sooner, but that is not important.

When I got there she told me she was putting him up for adoption, but I really didn’t want that. But I’ll be honest I kind of did..

I couldn’t decide in the 2 weeks that he was in the hospital for some medical issues so I have him at home. He is really great and I am aware of how to take care of a baby. I am just so afraid.

He might be able to have a great family if I give him up. Or he might get some horrible people and it will be my fault. I guess, based on what the social worker said, I will have some say in who he would go with and I could request the adoption to be open so I could visit him. But I just didn’t know.

The mother had a lawyer and she signed a bunch of documents saying that she would no longer be involved in his life. I think I’ll regret giving him up more than I’ll regret keeping him, to be honest. I am going to be a single dad.

That boring guy who never goes out? He tucks his kids in every night.

That broke guy who should just get a better job? He has three just to cover daycare and dental bills.

That lazy guy who’s out of shape and lazy?, He’s up at 5 a.m. changing diapers.

It’s not that he’s boring or anti-social. It’s that he doesn’t have the time or energy to play James Bond just to keep you entertained.


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