This Futuristic Bladeless Laser Razor Is Going To Revolutionize Shaving For Men And Women

This is the razor we’ve all been waiting for: the Skarp Razor is expected to transform the way we’ve been shaving for the last 5,000 years by burning hair instead of cutting it.

skarp laser

Creators Morgan Gustavsson and Paul Binun have produced a futuristic device that they say is better for your skin than traditional shaving methods because it reduces irritation and delivers an incredibly close shave.

skarp lazer 1

It does this with a small laser, which cuts through the hair when it identifies a particular chromophore (a particle that absorbs certain wavelengths of light) embedded in the strand. This characteristic is shared by all humans, regardless of age or race, so the razor will work for everyone.

skarp laser 2

As well as all this, the Skarp razor is also eco-friendly — it’s cartridge-less, and so will save nearly two billion razors from being thrown away each year. And because it uses a laser, the razor uses little to no water.


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