Only Those Who Dare Will Ride “Skycycle,” A Pedal Powered Roller Coaster Found In Japan

Theme parks these days, go above and beyond to make sure their riders feel safe on new roller coasters. If they want these fright machines to carry crowds of people, they’ll need a few guard rails, right?

Not always…

Check out the Skycycle.

At the Washuzan Highland Park in Okayama, Japan, safety isn’t exactly a top priority, at least where this ride is concerned.

Pedal-powered coaster1

This popular feature is known as the Skycycle, and while it may not go as fast as a real roller coaster, it still requires nerves of steel!

Pedal-powered coaster2

Using the magic of pedaling, those brave enough to try the Skycycle are propelled around a rusty track with no railing.

Pedal-powered coaster3

Oh, and it’s four stories in the air!

Pedal-powered coaster4

But the views of the Shimotsui-Seto Bridge might just be worth the risk.

Pedal-powered coaster5

The ride is popular among couples due to its tandem seats and pedals.

Pedal-powered coaster6

Best not to look down, though.

Pedal-powered coaster7

What could possibly go wrong?


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