You Won’t Believe What Happens When A Man From The Crowd Accepts Slam Dunk Challenge

There’s nothing like a basketball slam dunk contest to get the crowd pumped up. Some of the athletes defy the laws of gravity as they spring from the ground and suspend in mid-air before slamming the basketball through the net!

When the NBA was having an exhibition, they invited some of the past legends. They never expected a skinny guy in a baseball cap to give the slam dunk show of the age! Former NBA star Gary Payton didn’t think the guy would be able to dunk at all!  When he took off his sunglasses and hat and grabbed the ball out of Payton’s hand in mid-air, he did a windmill, and slammed it into the net.

Little did the crowd know but the guy they picked was Jordan “Mission Impossible” Kilganon who’s famous for his insane dunk videos on Youtube. 

He was doing 180 dunks, windmills, and even jumping over one person’s head, then two people’s heads, and then four people’s heads!

Watch Kilganon’s amazing talent on the video below! 


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