Impatient Customers Began Talking Very Rudely At Subway When He Stepped In

So I was just at subway. A group of people all together waiting impatiently, the woman behind the counter was preparing other subs.

The group was beyond rude immature and impatient… couldn’t hear it any longer and I felt terrible for the woman, I stood up (yes I was sitting as it was a lot of people) and said “look you guys can visibly see how overwhelmed she is preparing this 15 sub over the phone to go order, you guys can either keep your mouth shut and wait or go somewhere else where you don’t need to be patient (they called her slow, mocked her, one said I could get behind the counter and do your job better). . . . . They left, I walked up to the woman told her to take the time you need I’ll be sitting down just let me know when you’re ready. . . . She said no please I’ll take your order now, I said I didn’t mind to wait, she said you saved me cause they were being “like this” before you walked in so thank you, she stopped the to go order made my sub and as I went to pay she said ‘no happy holiday, thank you.’”

A little kindness and standing up for someone goes a long way. People should be especially merrier around this time of year! Being kind is it’s own reward the free food was a nice unexpected bonus.

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