At First They Made Fun Of This Strange Car, Until They Saw It Do Something Incredible

The ability to drive a car may not seem like a big deal, but for some people it’s everything. Able-bodied people can get a license when they’re a teenager and drive until a very old age. But, for those who live with disabilities, the freedom to drive wherever you want is not always a reality. Most cars aren’t designed for wheelchairs, and the ones that are cost a ton of money. Public transit is not any more convenient, and so many disabled people are severely limited when it comes to transportation.

Stacey Zoern was fully aware of this problem and set out to do something about it. One day online, she found a prototype of a wheelchair-accessible car sitting in a warehouse in Hungary. The design of the car impressed her so much that she made it her mission to have the prototype mass produced and sold on the market. Stacey believed that this car, called the Kenguru, would be the best way for disabled people to travel.

Stacey worked tirelessly to turn her dream into reality, but couldn’t find any investors willing to back her. So she turned to people she knew and asked them to help support the Kenguru. Slowly but surely, the funds grew, and before long she was receiving investments of $100,000. Currently, Stacey is hoping to sell around 500 units a year, but she hopes that within 5 years she will be selling upwards of 4,000 vehicles a year.



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