Woman Thought She Was Losing Her Mind When She Found This In Her Backyard

Veterinarians know a lot about animals. It makes sense, after all – they spend years in school learning everything they can to help the members of the animal kingdom. But even they get thrown for a loop once in a while!

This vet in Australia was enjoying her day off when she spotted something on her own property that left her speechless. When you see it, you’ll understand why…

Maria Lombard of Australia was walking to her mailbox when she made this impressive find.

smooth skate skeleton 1

As a veterinarian, she should be more qualified than anyone to identify the mystery creature… but even she was baffled!

smooth skate skeleton 2

She sent photos, including this close-up of its skull, to marine biologists, looking for answers.

smooth skate skeleton 3

They eventually determined that this was no mysterious water dragon. It was likely the remains of a smooth skate, a sea creature native to Australia’s waters.

smooth skate skeleton 4

It might not be a mythical creature but that doesn’t make it any less cool! How it got to her front yard? Well, that will probably remain a mystery.


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