Son Gives His Mom An Unforgettable Surprise During A Traffic Stop

One of the best things about family members is the unconditional love they have for you, and it’s because of that love that they’re able to laugh about all the terrible pranks you pull on them! Now that doesn’t mean you should go out and throw some thumbtacks on your dad’s favorite chair, but you know there’s still a lot you can get away with that you might not be able to with anyone else.

So when US Army SSgt. Salomon Robinson learned he was going to be coming home from Iraq a little early, he decided to spring one of the funniest pranks I’ve seen in a while!

In order to surprise his mother while still instilling a little bit of fear (jokingly) into her he contacted his local police department, and they were only too happy to help. Robinson and Officer Cameron Mitchell pulled a stakeout to wait for his mother to pass by and when she did, the officer accused her of a hit and run! Naturally she had no idea what was REALLY going on, but when she finally sees Robinson her reaction says it all.


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